Materiality Assessment

Throughout December 2017, Randgold undertook its annual materiality assessment process to update and build on the 2016 materiality assessment. The results of the process will be used to inform our sustainability work for the year ahead and we wanted to include a snapshot of it here. 

Our process 
Our materiality assessment involves surveying external and internal stakeholders with a long list of 42 sustainability issues potentially linked to operations. We asked internal stakeholders to score each issue on a 1 to 5 scale, based on the potential severity of impact on our business. We also asked a group of over 100 external stakeholders to identify the 14 issues (or top third) most important to them. Stakeholders are also given the opportunity to identify any additional issues important to them. The results will be reviewed and agreed internally by Randgold management to ensure they provided balanced coverage of the company’s most material issues wherever they occur in the value chain.