What We Do

Randgold’s exploration strategy is based on the discovery of world class orebodies within the major greenstone belts of West and Central Africa.

Exploration is managed through the resource triangle as an integrated business tool. Generative work ensures a constant supply of targets to the base of the triangle and a set of stringent filters at progressive levels within the triangle ensures the promotion of quality targets and the rejection of inferior ones. Economic deposits – 3Moz of mineable gold with a minimal internal rate of return of 20% at a long term gold price of $1 000/oz.

Randgold has built 5 world class mines – all but one developed on deposits discovered by its own geologists, while the reserves of the fifth, Kibali, were more than doubled by the Randgold exploration team following acquisition. The process of discovery, evaluation and eventual development creates real value. We put a lot of time and effort into comprehensive feasibility studies so that, once completed, they can be banked with confidence.

Randgold operates 5 gold mines in 3 African countries – Loulo, Gounkoto and Morila in Mali; Tongon in Côte d’Ivoire and Kibali in the DRC. A business built over 20 years on a consistent long term strategy of creating real value through the discovery of multi-million ounce gold deposits and their development into profitable, world class mines.
Randgold is committed to creating lasting benefits for our host countries and the communities around our operations, ensuring that the exploitation of their natural resources improves the lives of all stakeholders. Safety, community grievances, waste management and energy use are central to managing our gold mines.